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1.Name and structure

(1)Chinese common name:Shuang Jia Mi

(2)English common name:AMITRAZ

(3)Chemical name:N-methylbis(2,4-xylyliminomethyl)amine

(4)Structure formula: 

(5)Molecular formula:C19H25N3

(6)Molecular weight:293.4l

2.Product specification

99%TECH ,98%TECH

AppearanceLight yellow powderLight yellow powder
Content%≥ 99.0≥ 98.0
Alkalinity (as NaOH)0.10.1
Moisture %0.10.1
Insoluble in acetone0.10.1


TECH:50kgiron drum,50kg cardboard drum,25kg cardboard drum,25kg iron drum

4.Product usage

Broad spectrum acaricide.Mainly used on fruit trees, flowers, strawberries and other agricultural and horticultural crops.Control mites, especially have a good control effect on citrus mites .Also used to control cotton bollworm, cotton pink bollworm;Control ticks, mites and scabies on livestock.