Product Center

      Bailing Technology Co.,Ltd (Bailing Technology for short)is located in Tengri Economic and Technological Development Zone(Province-level park),Inner Mongolia,China.First phase registered capital was RMB 20 million.

      Bailing Technology was invested by Bailing Agrochemical Co.,Ltd(Bailing Agrochemical for short),mainly production of agricultural (medical,veterinary and sanitary) fine chemicals(technical,API),covering an area of 220 mu.

       Tengri industrial zone has thermal power plant (central heating), sewage treatment plant, solid waste landfill, hazardous waste treatment center and complete public facilities.

       Bailing Technologyhas obtained 40 pesticide technical registration certificates ,pesticide production license[pesticide production(Meng)0008],Veterinary drug production license[(2021)Veterinary drug production No.05045] and GMP certificate[(2021)Veterinary drug GMP No.05032].

       Bailing Technology currently has more than 100 employees, including about 20 engineers and technicians. The land use certificate and house property certificate of the factory's production site are complete. The production workshop and warehouse buildings are built in accordance with <National Norm of Building Fire System Design>, meeting the relevant requirements of agricultural (medical, veterinary, sanitary) fine chemicals (technical,API) production process and material characteristics.

       The factory has built thousands of square meters of technical (API) synthesis workshop(each technical and API area is separated), using closed automation equipment production, we lead the domestic advanced level in production technology and production equipment.

       The factory has a central control room, each workshop has a safety production automation online control system, at the same time built exhaust gas absorption and treatment of various environmental protection devices. The factory has thousands of square meters of storage facilities, raw and auxiliary materials and finished products are classified storage and identificationsare obvious.

       Bailing Technology is equipped with LC, GC, moisture determination, moisture titration, UV analysis, infrared analysis, spectrophotometer, electro-opticalanalytical balance and other detection equipment. There are pesticide testing center and veterinary drug testing center respectively.We are able to independently test and analyze raw and auxiliary materials, intermediates and finished products of raw and auxiliary materials (API) products according to national (industry) standards or enterprise standards, control and inspect raw and auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products according to relevant control indicators, and establish and improve the relevant quality ledger.

        Enterprise standards are registered on the information public service platform ,all inspectors are professionally trained.We establish and continuously improve the quality management system to ensure the products quality.

       Bailing Technology's environmental protection, safety, fire control and occupational health have all passed the inspection of the autonomous region (provincial level), it has obtained level-3 standardized production safety certificate and environmental pollution permit, meeting all the requirements of agricultural (medical,veterinary and sanitary) fine chemicals production.

       Bailing Technology now is producing several agricultural pesticides, plant growth regulators and veterinary drug API and several other products are under construction.

       Bailing Technology has already applied for high-tech products and high-tech enterprises.