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1.Name and structure

(1) Chinese common name: Da man lin

(2) English common name: PYRIDABEN

(3) Chemical name:2-tert-butyl-5- (4-tert-butylbenzylthio)-4-chloropyridazin-3(2H)-one

(4)Structure formula: 

(5) Molecular formula:C19H25CLN2OS

(6) Molecular weight:364.9

2.Product specification


AppearanceOff white powder
Content%≥ 95.0
Acidity(As H2SO4)≤0.3
Moisture %≤0.5
Insoluble in acetone≤0.5


TECH: 25kgcardboard drum;25kgplastic woven bag

4.Product usage

Pyridaben is highly effective, broad-spectrum killing mites, it is effective for eggs, larvae, and adult mites, and also effective for the migration period of adult mites. Suitable for citrus, apple, pear, hawthorn, cotton, tobacco, vegetables (except eggplant) and ornamental plants.