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1.Name and structure

(1)Chinese common name:Shuang Jia Mi

(2)English common name:AMITRAZ

(3)Chemical name:N-methylbis(2,4-xylyliminomethyl)amine

(4)Structure formula:

(5)Molecular formula:C19H25N3

(6)Molecular weight:293.4l

2.Product specification

99%TECH ,98%TECH

Item99% AmitrazTECH98% Amitraz TECH
AppearanceLight yellow powderLight yellow powder
Content%≥ 99.0≥ 98.0
Alkalinity (as NaOH)0.10.1
Moisture %0.10.1
Insoluble in acetone0.10.1


TECH:50kgiron drum,50kg cardboard drum,25kg cardboard drum,25kg iron drum

4.Product usage

Amitraz is a broad-spectrum insecticide, combined with stomach poison and systemic function, can effectively treat all kinds of mites, ticks, flies, lice and so on.It is mainly used for the prevention and control of ectoparasite diseases of cattle, sheep, pigs and rabbits, such as sarcoptic mite, tickle mite, bee mite, tick and lice, etc.